rowofstars: (Random - The world breaks my heart)

i lost a world the other day

has anybody found?

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Location:United States of America
The Girl
Lindsay. Thirty-something fangirl trapped in Illinois. I work in healthcare IT as an application analyst focusing on financials and Human Resources application support, internal development and web programming. I'm a former helpdesk answerer/support tech/phone jockey. This journal is full of my random babblings, CAPSLOCK squee, fic, graphics and fanmixes, with a dash of real life bitching.
She Obsesses Over
Doctor Who. Billie Piper. David Tennant. Gary Oldman. Castle. Nathan Fillion. Lie to Me. Tim Roth. The Walking Dead. Dianna Agron. Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Alex Eden. The X-Files. Life on Mars. Burn Notice. Alan Rickman. Jeffery Dean Morgan. Rachel McAdams. Jane Austen. The Apocalypse. Wisconsin Badgers. Christina Hendricks. Star Wars. Batman. Florence and the Machine. Mad World
And Ships Like Burning
Doctor/Rose.  Doctor/Master.  Master/Rose.  Doctor/Rose/Jack.  Booth/Brennan.
Angela/Hodgins.  Mulder/Scully.  Cal/Gillian.  Bill/Teninch.  Sam/Annie.
Castle/Beckett.  Sam/April.  Whitman/Lily.  Nathan/Emily.  David Tennant/Billie Piper.
The Linkage

kissmequick - My graphics journal

then_theres_us - A weekly Doctor Who fic challenge comm with utterly amazing writers.

who_rumble - A Doctor Who rumble style icontest

billie_rumble - A Billie Piper rumble style icontest

no_tomorrow - The comm for Mad World, an original TV show casting picspam turned crazy awesome ficverse created by my darling braintwin, stillxmyxheart

magicmachine - The icon journal of some of the most amazing icon makers.

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alan rickman, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland, american football, ancient greece, ancient rome, annie cartwright, apoca!fic needs no name, apoca!ships, apoca!smut, apocalypse, art, astrology, astronomy, ayn rand, bad ass motherfuckers, being a nerd, billie piper, bolivia/lincoln, bones, braintwinning, castle, cheeseheads, christopher eccleston, classic hollywood, classic who, comics, computers, crime dramas, csi, daniel pierce, david tennant, david tennant/billie piper, doctor who, doctor/rose, donna noble being awesome, egyptology, evan/penny, fanfiction, fangirling, final fantasy, fine lined pens, firefly, fresh crayons, fringe, game of thrones, gary oldman, gatescest, graphic design, green bay packers, gsr, history, house, house/cameron, impressionists, in plain sight, information technology, ironman, jane austen, jeffrey dean morgan, kate moretti, leverage, lie to me, life on mars, lincoln lee, literature, lom uk, madness, mary and marshall, mary's apoca!fic fandom, mathematics, medicine, medieval times, movies, msr, music, musicals, natalie vincent, nathan fillion, nathan/alex, nathan/emily, new who, nine/rose, olivia dunham, patterns in the insanity, perception, perception tnt, peter bishop, peter/olivia, philosophy, physics, poetry, post-apocalypse, programming languages, rdj, robert downey jr, sam tyler, sam/annie, sam/april, saving grace, saving the world, science, secret diary, serenity, sexy accents, shakespeare, simon/april, software development, southland, sports, star trek, star wars, superheroes, tall skinny scottish blokes, ten/rose, ten2/rose, the grateful red, the losers, the walking dead, theatre, tony/pepper, torchwood, tripping the light fantastic, vidding, video games, web design, white collar, whitman/april, whitman/lily, who is john galt, winnie the pooh, wisconsin badgers, world war z, xfiles, zombie movies
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